click here to view final results from the Spring Classic 2019

The Sports Company is a not for profit organisation committed to bringing professional standards to amateur sports in Pakistan. We believe Pakistan has a huge unmet need for quality sports programs that provide for a level playing field, and are designed for the amateur athlete.

We started in 2017 with a bi-annual athletics competition in Karachi called the Karachi Athletic League, with over 600 students from more than 20 schools taking part yearly. To see the results from our 4th event, the Karachi Athletic League Spring Classic 2019, please click here.

In 2018, we started our TSC Training Academy where our expert coaches provide round the year assistance in athletic development. Through our affiliated coaches and experts, student members can get tailored advice on training routines and nutritional guidelines for continued development. For members who need support, we can help prepare for national team selections and provide assistance with college placements and sports scholarship applications. Please contact us for more details by clicking here.

We are committed to employ impartial officiating at all our events backed by internationally recognized equipment and systems. We continue to put in place digital technologies to standardise processes and we are deploying data management systems to assist athletes in maintaining a comprehensive track of their development.

Using Karachi as a test case we want to create an atmosphere of cross community interaction amongst kids, coaches and parents and build a program of healthy and fair competition through a sustainable program of organised sports. We wholeheartedly welcome everyone to be a part of this initiative and help us promote this cause. To donate to The Sports Company, click here.