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The TSC Academy was launched formally in 2018 with a focus on helping schools and students benefit from professional level training programs and individual coaching for talented athletes. Since 2017, we have helped multiple schools prepare students for sports days, and, in 2018 started training special needs children at The Society for the Rehabiliation of Special Children in Karachi.

Our Academy is led by Muhammad Fayyaz, a former 200 m national athlete, certified physiotherapist and trainer who has trained Pakistan Army and other country teams for more than 10 years. If you are interested, please click here. We hold training sessions daily in the evenings, at the NCC and in DHA.

Our goal is to expand our reach to nearly 10,000 students in the next 3 years via training camps, in school programs, the KAL and competitions in other sports. The TSC Academy is central to this goal: training the best athletes daily in smaller focused sessions; and, broadening participation in athletics while promoting fitness at schools.

As a Not for Profit, we are looking for donations to fund the operations of TSC Academy. All funds and donations go directly towards subsidizing our training programs and coaching at underprivileged schools like the SRSC. If you are interested in donating please click here.