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Becoming a member of The Sports Company gives you access to all TSC events free of charge, and personalized training, nutrition advice and assistance with sports scholarships and college placements.

Once all your paperwork is complete, we issue a membership card with your picture, that can also be used for discount offers and special deals designed for TSC members by our partners.

In 2018, we started our TSC Training Academy where our expert coaches provide round the year assistance in athletic development to our student members. Through our affiliated coaches and experts, student members can get tailored advice on training routines and nutritional guidelines for continued development. For members who need support, we can help prepare for national team selections and provide assistance with college placements and sports scholarship applications. Please contact us for more details by clicking here.

With our members portal deploying soon, you will be able to keep track of all your sports achievements and use this information for your personal development and as an official sports transcript for school and college admissions. In addition all your certificates from our events such as the Karachi Athletic League, will be available online on your membership page for you.